100 short movies at the CastFilmFest

castfilmfest100! What about some numbers after so many images?
No ‘Solitude of Prime Numbers’ for the first 100 short movies  sent to the CastFilmFest.
12 days until the deadline for subscribing to the competition and 100 short movies have already been uploaded to our email address  From romance to action, from politics to pulp; there is everything in  1500 minutes of images  to be analysed, lived and observed until you fall in love with them.
And what about the lines? The first shooting? The emotions?
Who knows how many stories, smiles and tears are behind these 100 short masterpieces.
Looking for the new Ron Howard, in the festival dedicated to the Myth; waiting for the other  100 first (second and third) films, we would like to remind you that all the greatest legends had their own beginning, and the Cast Film Festival could be yours.
After all…..this is the first CAST FILM FEST for us too!

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