Castellaneta Film Fest 2016 – Call for entries 2016

Castellaneta Film Fest 2016 | Visioni da un altro sud | photo ©Mirko Esposito

CASTELLANETA FILM FEST 2016 – Call For Entries (call expired since 18/04/2016)

The cultural association ARTICOLAZIONI presents the fourth edition of Castellaneta Film Fest-International Short Film Festival, held in Castellaneta (TA)-Italy from July 13th  to July 17th  2016.


Only those films produced after January 1st 2014 will be accepted.

Works of the following categories will be considered for selection:

  • Short films:  every genre with a distinctive attitude to tell original short stories. All films submitted must be no more than 18 minutes in length, including credits.
  • Music Videos:  music videos from any independent artist of any musical genre. All videos must be no more than 7 minutes in length. It is not required that the artist/band/singer have signed a contract with a record label. It is only required that the film’s and music’s right-holders do fully agree. If the music video is not presented to the competition by  the record label that owns the music, the person presenting the work must hold the rights to audio-visual use of the music in the video or provide a signed authorization by the music’s right-holders.


The participants to the Castellaneta Film Fest must upload their works exclusively on the online platforms:

after paying a submission fee of € 8,00, as indicated on the selected platform.

A maximum of two works can be submitted by each filmmaker. However, for each genre, only one work from  each director will be admitted to the competition.

Films in Italian language must be supplied with:

  • A media file
  • A synopsis of the short film
  • A short biography of the director focusing on his works as a filmmaker
  • The films in dialect must be supplied with subtitles and dialogue list in Italian.

Films not in Italian must be supplied with:

  • A media file with subtitles in ENGLISH
  • A media file without subtitles
  • A copy of the dialogue list in English and/or Italian
  • A synopsis of the short film
  • A short biography of the director focusing on his works as a filmmaker.

Participants must send:

  • A photo of the filmmaker that the applicant gives the permission to publish;
  • Still frame photographs of the film that the applicant gives the permission to publish and promotional materials (cards, posters, playbills, etc), if applicable.

Directors give authorization to the Board of Organisers to publish the supplied material only for promotional purpose.


All  works must be sent in digital master formats  HD 720p / 1080p, MP4 or MOV H.264.


All  works will compete for the following prizes:

  • Best Short Animated Film:  plaque given by the specific jury in collaboration with Scratch! International Film Festival.
  • Best Short Documentary: plaque given by the specific jury in collaboration with Festa del Cinema del Reale ( and Festival Cinematografico Vicoli Corti ( ).
  • Best Short Fiction: plaque given by the specific jury in collaboration with Lucania Film Festival (
  • People’s Choice Award: plaque given by the popular jury.
  • Special Award Castellaneta Film Fest: chosen by the Castellaneta Film Fest staff.
  • Best Short Film Genre (Horror, Fantasy, Musical, Literary): chosen by the Castellaneta Film Fest staff.
  • Best Short Film Castellaneta Film Fest 2016, chosen by the jury. Prize: € 1.000,00

The winner of each category and the three special awards will compete for the cash prize of 1000,00 Euro.

  • Special Award REC’N’PLAY, chosen by the students of the cinema and music lab of Rec’n’Play ( ), partner of Castellaneta Film Fest.
  • Best Music Video, chosen by the jury. Prize: € 500,00.

The Board of Organisers may add or modify the above said prizes.

Prizes and plaques will have to be accepted exclusively by the winner or his delegate. Should the winner not be able to be present, the organisers and the winner will agree on a different procedure.


Works and applications must be sent by 18 APRIL 2016.

For further information, please email us at



  • Entering a film in this festival implies the acceptance of these regulations. Should there be any irregularities, the films will be rejected by the competition.
  • Every author authorizes the use of the data in the participation sheet for purposes related to the Festival.
  • The Festival organisation will be the one and final judge of the works.
  • The authors of the selected works will be invited to Castellaneta to participate in the Festival. There will be special discounts for food and accommodation.
  • The Festival reserves the right to use clips of the selected films (not longer than 1 min.).
  • All short films received will be part of the Castellaneta Film Fest archive and may be used in retrospect or film exhibitions related to the Festival.
  • Every author is responsible for the content of their own works. The winners will undertake to state in their films credits the name and logo of the Castellaneta Film Fest, along with the prize achieved.
  • The works collection is necessary to the publication of the participants list and their works. Anyway, through a request via mail, the author could get the cancellation, correction or display of the stored information.
  • Castellaneta Film Fest is not part of the prize competitions category. In accordance with the law D.P.R. 26/10/2001 n.430 (regulations of the prize competitions), art. 6 ( Exclusions): “Competitions for literary, artistic and science works where the money prize is considered as a payment due, as a reward for personal merit or as an encouragement in the interests of the community, are not considered prize competitions”.
  • The undersigned, in accordance with the law D.Lgs 196/2003, states to be fully informed about the purposes and procedures of the data treatment as reported in the participation sheet and authorizes the filing in the data base of the Castellaneta Film Fest.
  • I declare to be fully entitled to the ownership rights of the film I have registered to the present Festival, in accordance with the law 633/1941.
  • All participants to the Castellaneta Film Fest commit to not screening the submitted works in other events held in the town of Castellaneta and Castellaneta Marina at least two months before the start of the Festival, otherwise they will not receive the money of the prize, should they be the winners.


The participants to the Castellaneta Film Fest must upload their works exclusively on the online platforms