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Festa di Cinema del Reale - Specchia (LE)


‘Cinema del Reale’ is a Big Sur communication laboratory project, which aims to create places to storage, exchange and distribution of cinematographic creations. It aims to raise awareness and disseminate the authors and audiovisual works that provide descriptions and personal and unique interpretations of past and present realities of the world and reveal different kinds documentaries: experimental films, film-wise, personal diaries, family films, major reports, investigations historic, classic narratives, fragmentary stories.
Recognized or lesser known authors, with different geographical horizons, political and cultural, are an expression of a cinema that has limited resources but which has great inventive and communicative skills.
These films are great research tools, the knowledge, the real story and are inspired by the need to say things and see men and women as they are, without resorting to the ploy of inventing the extraordinary, because they can find in the real the extraordinary occurrence . The realization of these films often requires years of research and filming because they recount events, changes and transformations over time. The authors have the ability to improvise and deal with the randomness, working with actors who are generally real people, who talk about their experiences or playing themselves, bringing into play their own truths.
‘Cinema del Reale’ is a melee between those who films and who is filmed, is an improvisation dynamic made of looks, words and movements.

Associazione Cinema del reale

Festival 'Vicoli Corti' - Massafra (TA) / Il Serraglio - Associazione Culturale


“Do not resign from the South” is the guideline of Serraglio.In a space – time dimension where identity is in crisis, the association “Il Seraglio” is proposed as a promoter of contemporary soul that wants to emerge from aphasia General , creating a participatory network with people and with the operators, often migrants of our land, and with all those who are interested in the cultural revival process. The visual arts, especially cinema, are the means by which it expresses Il Serraglio, involved since 2004 in the organization of the ‘Vicoli Corti’ Festival. Since 2010, attention is paid to schools with thematic film forums and film language laboratories. Creation of exhibitions and retrospectives at the Spadaro, a centenarian cinema in Massafra, are other activities that aim to promote the film industry and the protection of the country salt. The frantic race seems to give us the deepest meaning of the newspaper and himself, and “the work of art is always a work of confession” as Umberto Saba says,
each mindful of the social initiative is first a confession, a ‘mea culpa’ that everyone should read, then cultural challenge that invites to dismiss the vacuum and to be conscientious.

Il Serraglio – Associazione Culturale
fb: Il Serraglio  /  Vicoli Corti

Rec’N Play - Bari


Rec’n’Play is the musical project, and educational film, conceived and organized by Zerottanta in cooperation with ‘Scacchi’ High School and Music Academy Bari, co-financed by the Municipality of Bari (Dep. Educative and Youth Policy) and Puglia Sounds, winner of the Lion ‘Silver to Creativity (Venice Biennale 2013), which makes use of four years of collaboration with the Water in Head Music Festival. In this period the event involved about 60 bands of Bari, province and BAT for a total of more than 300 young musicians and interns who have followed the project by the organization of the event to the realization of the final video.

Rec’n’Play conceived and organized by Zerottanta Productions
in collaboration with: High School ‘Scacchi’ and Music Academy Bari.
co-funded by:
the City of Bari (Rip. Educative and Youth Policy) and Puglia Sounds


Scratch! International Animation Film Festival - Lecce


Ingredients:½ kg of animated shorts, 2 or 3 professionals of the field in jury, workshops, 250 g of regional funds, 3 good friends and film lovers and a hint of creativity.Preparation:mix everything in the pan of a city of art and make it simmer for a few months.In late June, the end result will be Scratch! a European animated film festival.

Scratch! is the first festival in Lecce entirely dedicated to animated shorts. It has been funded thanks to the Regional project ‘Principi Attivi’ 2010.

The festival includes three days of screenings open to the public.

A Jury composed of leading personalities from the world of animation will award one film per category.During the three days of Scratch! there will also be a retrospective dedicatd to an important artist of the European animation film scene and a thematic workshop.


Scratch! International Animation Festival

Lucania Film Festival - Pisticci (MT)

The Lucania Film Festival is the first International Festival of Cinema was born in Basilicata. In its 14 years of history, the LFF has grown tremendously, earning an important artistic and social position in the international scenario of short film festivals. Festival “of persons and places”, the LFF is able to create a family atmosphere between the public and insiders from around the world arrive in cinemas in the open air of Pisticci and other towns of Lucania. The LFF, which is characterized by the importance of the numbers “and the excellent quality of thousands of films of international standing, is a project of promotion, diffusion, film formation, which aims to promote knowledge and audiovisual enjoyment . Through it intends to initiate, in a long-term perspective, all possible synergies in the community by helping to create social and economic opportunities in the area and at the same time promoting film culture. THE Festival, then, is a project which aims to spread the use and knowledge of short films and documentaries, not only during the event, held every year in August in Pisticci, but also in places and times of the year using different networks, made up of other festivals and exhibitions (national and international) to which the LFF participates or which is the promoter.

The LFF, as stated in the brand, is a Festival “of the people” and place, a community festival that allows and encourages the involvement of all. Squares, terraces, narrow streets, beautiful places in the medieval Old Town of Pisticci (churches, castle, historic buildings), or cinemas to open sky where the LFF is held, and contribute to the unique atmosphere ” family “, which is considered one of the main elements of originality and therefore the stretch that positively distinguishes the LFF from other national and international festivals. This atmosphere is made up of a series of very evoked elements including the ease of “access”, the proximity with directors and actors, the high attendance of young people and children. This gives the LFF a layman and didactic function, which manages to bring an audience of non-experts (see for example the film workshops organized with the schools and the training workshops). The LFF thus appears to be a unique opportunity for widening of cultural horizons for the local community and contact with other worlds and cultures, even distant, both through the film events and more directly, through meetings with their protagonists (directors, actors, artists). The LFF appears so, to its users as an experience of well-being, as it gives the opportunity to spend a cultural holiday in a region capable of providing a rich tourist offer (cultural event, gastronomy, art, history, leisure, environment and territory). Finally, also for its originality in terms of form and content, the Festival becomes an element of attraction for cine-tourists (as evidenced LFF Location / Cinetourism) and visitors from other areas, not just the Basilicata region but also from other Italian regions and foreign countries.

One of the future goals of the LFF is to increase the number of guests, not only during the event, but throughout the year, thanks to the many activities that take place inside the container LFF: film education in schools, in hospitals , prisons; courses film in self-financing, but also to promote trans-disciplinary projects: cinema and literature, cinema and food, cinema and cultural marketing, etc. The LFF is a successful synthesis of two of the sectors growing strongly in Basilicata, or cultural tourism and, above all, the cinema as an industry with huge potential for development and booming in the region. The event set down a definite strengthening and consolidation of the cine-tourism demand this area thanks to the quality of film and culture in general; the originality for the characterization of the event as part of the network of international film festivals: design, content, location (city center, rural landscapes, hospitals, schools, prisons) and, above all, how they interact with the community in a ‘ perspective of social, environmental and economic; typical because the LFF reflects and enhances the identity, the local character and culture.

Associazione Culturale Allelammie / Lucania Film Festival
sede: Via Mazzini n°28 – 75015 Pisticci (Mt)
tel./fax: +39 0835 411408