The finalists of the Castellaneta Film Fest 2015

“Il segreto del serpente” directed by Mathieu Volpe – Belgium

“In cerca di un amico” directed by  Karma Gava, Alvise Morato – Italy

“This is not paradise” directed by Lisa Tormena, Gaia Vianello – Italy

“Calapaura” directed by Gianluca Marinelli – Italy

“Testing” directed by Paul Flannery – United States

“Him and Her” directed by Keith Tedesco – Malta

“Fuga dai giardini di Lamarck” directed by Gianni De Blasi – Italy

“Endless” directed by Adriana Gerasimova – Bulgaria

“Tehran” directed by Masoud Moein Eslam – Iran

“Succederà” directed by Otto più Otto – Italy

“La Surreelle” directed by Torben Stange – Germany

“Bombard the headquarters” directed by Stepan Grusha Russian Federation

 “Mother” directed by Juha Hippi – Finland

“Scrabble” directed by Cristian Sulser – Switzerland 

“Nuvola” directed by Giulio Mastromauro – Italy

“The baby” directed by Ali Asgari – Italy, Iran

“A confession” directed by Petros Silvestros – United Kingdom

“Due piedi sinistri” directed by  Isabella Salvetti – Italy

“La valigia” directed by Pier Paolo Paganelli – Italy

“L’attesa del maggio” directed by Simone Massi – Italy

“Luminaris” directed by Juan Pablo Zaramella – Argentina

“Kite” directed by Gavin Moran – United Kingdom, Poland, United States, Serbia

“Dustin” directed by Kristina Jager – Germany

“Monster in my heart” directed by Yawen Zheng – United States

“Cuerdas” directed by Pedro Solìs – Spain

“Who?” directed by Wei-Kai Huang – United Kingdom